Prospective Employers in Mobile, AL and the Gulf Region

Prospective Employers in Mobile, AL and the Gulf Region

Prospective employers are looking for top talent in technical, professional, IT, and engineering fields. Finding the right fit can be difficult in niche industries, but Sirius is dedicated to matching employees to the position that best fits their skills and guiding employers to such prospective new hires.

About Sirius

We serve those seeking temporary employment opportunities or looking to further their careers. Our network includes both professionals and employers, and we specialize in bringing the right people to the right job. Most staffing companies consider the employee the bottom line, but at Sirius, we serve a particular niche; we can help bring together professionals and businesses who have job-specific needs.

Potential Industries

Finding work in the competitive and growing engineering and technology industries can be challenging. Connections matter. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a professional in your field, building a network can take years. Sirius Technical Services has spent years developing an extensive network. When working with us, you’re not just seeking a new job; you’re building relationships that will contribute to your future success.

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We offer our clients and candidates a SIRIUS advantage.

Employer Benefits

Gathering applications and resumes, screening applicants, interviews, and narrowing down the field of potential hires is a massive strain on human resources. Sirius Technical Services reduces the load on human services and streamlines the hiring process.

We also offer a full understanding of your industry and project scope. We are TCS (Technical Services) qualified. We can attract elite engineers and designers and work throughout the hiring process.

We’re proud of our high turnaround of repeat clients. Our customers return whenever they need to fill a new position because we work to provide the contacts and relationships that serve their needs. Our convenient online tools allow employers to manage accounts at the touch of a button. Contact us today to learn more how Sirius Technical Services can enhance your hiring process.