Get Professional Staffing Services

Get Professional Staffing Services

Technical Position Placements - Theodore, AL- Sirius Technical Services

Sirius Technical Services is the leading provider of technical job placement services in the Mobile County, as well as throughout the Gulf Coast and the USA, we provide four main types of job placement services:

  • Temporary Placement

Also called contract staffing, temporary placements typically range from one-day assignments to multi-year projects and are ideal when working on special projects or workload functions, or when you have staff shortage. One of the benefits of this type of staffing is that it allows you to immediately fill critical positions without long-term commitment.

We can help you find and recruit short-term employees for any position depending on your needs.

  • Temporary-To-Direct Placement

You may want contract a skilled employee with the view of offering them permanent employment after a trial period. We call these temporary-to-direct or contract-to-hire arrangements. A key advantage here is that you get the chance to assess the talent firsthand in a real work environment. If at the end of the trial period you’re impressed, you can offer them permanent employment.

We’re the area leader in temporary-to-direct job placements. We monitor and continually evaluate employees during the contract work and can recommend outstanding individuals for permanent placement.

  • Direct Placement

This type of staffing offers peace of mind since you’ll be able to focus on growing your bottom line instead of hunting for talent. It also promises improved productivity given that permanent employees feel a sense of job security.

Because you’ll have the employee on your payroll for a long time, however, you need to be extremely cautious when selecting direct hires. Thanks to the extensive experience of our team, we can partner with your HR department to locate and recruit highly-qualified talent for any permanent position.

  • Payroll Services

Finally, Sirius also offers payroll services for companies and organizations seeking a specific contract worker. We can quickly process the paperwork and perform payroll services to ensure that you bring that talent on board in the shortest time possible.

Choose Sirius, Choose Transparency and Growth

Sirius Technical Services is all about helping you find the best talent. As such, we work closely with all our clients, always keeping your interests, goals and experiences a priority to ensure mutual satisfaction. Get in touch with us to learn more.